Tattoo Artist

Since 2020, Ghcstly (pronounced ghost-lee) has been an influential, queer tattoo artist based in Houston, TX. Specializing in heavy black work, fine lines, and macabre themes, Ghcstly’s distinctive style captures the darker aspects of art. However, their versatility extends beyond this niche, encompassing vibrant color pieces, bold lines, and a variety of other techniques. Regardless of the medium or style, Ghcstly is passionate about the artistic process and dedicated to creating meaningful art that resonates with, and is cherished, by those who carry it.

Name: Ghcstly
Services Provided: Tattoos
Availability: Wednesday – Saturday 2pm-8pm
Experience: Tattooing Since 2020
Tattoo Specialty: Heavy Black Work, Fine Lines, Color
Text Message: 832.457.2777